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Bold Construction Spring Cleaning Tips

Feel the change in the air? Want to go through your checklist of house spring cleaning? Or have no idea where to start in your spring cleaning?

Well, don't stress out too much; we all are going through changing times and want to clean out the old for the new, both figuratively and literally. Look no further than here on what you should look out for when doing your spring cleaning this summer!


Cleaning gutters is essential. It helps to clean out nesting areas for pests, prevent the destruction of landscaping, extend rooftop life spans, and more. Obviously cleaning the gutters also helps increase the value of your property as well.

Cleaning your gutters might not be the most fun job to do, especially if you're a homeowner but those couple hours of work does help in the long run. Especially when it comes to saving you thousands on repairs from water damage, or potential gutter collapse due to the weight of the content in the gutter.


Caulk? How is caulk important you might ask? Well, caulk is a type of sealant that seals(pun intended) gaps on two or more surfaces.

Caulk can seal not only gaps but cracks and holes as well on the exterior of your home. The benefits of caulking your are help maintain the aesthetic of your home and make repairs on any irregularities.

Where can you caulk? Well, you need to look for places where moisture could potentially build. You can do it around your window and door frames, at siding joints, and any openings or cracks in surfaces.

Here's a video on how to use caulk:

Power Washing

Why is power washing important? Well, power washing can help prevent damage from the buildup of moisture. It can also help save money on maintenance, prime surfaces, and more.

Power washing helps remove harmful contaminants such as algae, mold, and mildew growth under your siding. Not doing this could potentially spell more headaches for you leading to more expensive replacements and significant health concerns. Doing this on a regular basis as mentioned above helps prevent buildup and leads you to a healthier, cleaner home.

This can help save you a lot of time, and money. Power washing also helps increase your home's value too!

Paint Touch-Ups

Why paint touch-ups? It helps to keep updating the look of your house especially when it comes time to splash a new coat of paint.

The more important touch-ups would be on the exterior of your home. Why is it important? Well, a pristine exterior paint job helps increase the value of your home and protect the trim, flashing, and siding from damage from the elements.

Having it bubble and flake between paint jobs will only end up harming your home. You don't want that! It would take at least a full weekend to get the job done, and the best time to start is usually in the warmer months (good of a time as any to do it now!) Just make sure that the temperature is in the right range for your paint and know that temperatures can be 10 to 15 degrees cooler in the shade. Make sure to also check the weather for rain as well, so plan accordingly.

When making your way to the hardware store make sure you get the following supplies:

  • Paint

  • Paint applicator

  • Wire brush

  • Primer

  • Paint scraper

  • Rags

To get started on your touch-ups make sure to look closely at your home's siding, trim, and flashing for any signs of bubbling, peeling, or water damage. High peaks of a house tend to be the most affected due to them getting the most sun. Make sure to get a ladder for a closer look (also stay safe!).

Make sure you're also checking the trim around your garage doors as well or any areas that tend to be exposed to snow banks or standing water. Also if you have any leftover paint that you used last time for painting your house, it probably doesn't match due to fading. Remove chips from the side of your house and bring them to a paint store near you for matching. Still keep in mind, even new paint may not match exactly.

Finally, after you've done all the things mentioned above the rest is pretty simple. Scrape, prime, and repaint areas where paint has been damaged. Make sure to repaint the entire piece even if there's damage on only part of a shingle or clapboard.

Change HVAC Filters

Changing your HVAC filters is really important. No matter the season changing your filter does make a difference in terms of the air quality in your home. The air quality is important and according to the EPA, indoor air that we are exposed to is 70% more polluted than the air outside. They also ranked poor indoor air quality among one of the top public health risks.

Changing your filters can be a recurring task that often falls by the wayside until there is a noticeable problem with your home's air quality. Don't wait until it becomes a problem and everyone starts sneezing. It's also dangerous to run your furnace without a filter.

The HVAC filter plays an important role in the protection and efficiency of your HVAC system. The filter also helps maintain the air quality of your home as well.

The filter holds and traps a wide range of different particles and contaminants that affect the air quality of the room. These particles and contaminants include:

  • Microorganisms and bacteria

  • Animal fur and hair

  • Lint and other fibers

  • Mold and mold spores

  • Pollen

  • Dirt and dust

As you can gather, over time the filter will become eventually full of all that small debris until it gets cleaned of course. Having a clogged filter not only means the air quality decreasing gradually, but your system will run less efficiently as well.

Make sure you're changing the air filter as least when it starts to become dirty. The trick is doing it frequently enough to where you're not letting it run in a dirty state for too long. Do it on a planned interval whether it's the last day of each month or lumping with your other home tasks. Doing it frequently especially during peak seasons such as summer and winter will help improve your air quality immensely. Just make sure to routinely check it, and if possible have someone come in to do maintenance on it just in case!

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